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We can provide samples to help develop your design scheme.


Come into the showroom any time to collect your free sample. Or if you need us to post it to you, we can do so, we just will need to charge you a small amount to cover packing and postage costs.

You don’t need to bring your sample back, but if you are finished with it and would rather not see beautiful natural stone end up in the bin, we would love to get them back to reuse them.


We believe that variation is part of the beauty and charm of natural stone products. It is also a completely inherent fact of natural stone, so each natural stone product we offer uniquely varies in colour, texture and makeup. No two pieces are the same and will contain naturally occurring holes, fissures, markings, colouring and blemishes. Because of this, it is impossible for us to provide samples that completely represent our products.

Please remember that any samples we provide are only one small piece of a particular stone product. So, we recommend you use your sample as a general indication only, and view it viewed in conjunction with our showroom displays, photos of the product, verbal descriptions, and the understanding that seemingly random variation exists in the product. We do as much as we can to visually represent stone, but what actually comes out of the ground at each geological location that we quarry from was determined millions of years ago.